Why Ethereum is Looking Fundamentally Strong?-ERC Token Exchange

July 24,2019
1. Web 3.0:
If ETH can scale to the level it aims to and can create a robust, dApp-driven platform, it would be world-changing (and the price would more than likely reflect that). Even if ETH only manages to provide a decentralized backbone to just a handful of successful and widely adopted blockchain projects, the price could still soar.
2. Dapp Store:
The analogy isn’t perfect, but if Ethereum becomes a dApp store and ETH is the fuel/toll for operating on the Ethereum blockchain, you could be looking at the next edition of the Apple/Android App Stores. ETH holders and stakers will have effective shares of that dApp store on their hands—benefiting from both platform usage (scarcity/security etc.) and the resulting price action and from staking, whether individually or in a pool. This alone could drive a market cap into close-to a trillion dollars.

3. Widespread Adoption:
If Ethereum becomes the go-to blockchain for individual and enterprise solutions (and it is easily the best situated to do that from today’s perspective), the demand and value of ETH will be directly correlated. And, as we know from the last 10 years of the evolution of the internet (see: social media), networks have a geometric effect on value as they spread. Here are the scenarios:
 Get thousands of people using applications on the Ethereum blockchain routinely—price is great.
 Get a million people using applications on the Ethereum blockchain routinely—price is huge.
 Get a billion+ people using applications on the Ethereum blockchain routinely—price is unimaginable.
4. Unforeseeable Usage
When the internet was first achieved mainstream adoption, no one quite knew what to make of it. The idea of an internet-based marketplace was almost farcical; who would want to buy something without seeing/smelling/touching / trying it first? The same went with banking, purchasing, storing knowledge bases, etc. We know how that went. What will other use cases blockchain enable? Can we even fathom them right now? Could you have envisioned a fleet of driverless vehicles summoned on your smartphone just a decade ago? How about five years ago? Technology is wild. Ethereum and blockchain are on the bleeding edge and are just building up momentum.