April 18,2020
Kitchen Decor July 20,2019

Kitchen is the heartbeat of all festivity, a core of all family gatherings and it is the best of every single party. Be your kitchen be of German, Italian or an Indian make, if it doesn’t come true all the aforementioned beats, your kitchen is not your dream kitchen.

If your kitchen is well-designed, cooking food and eating it makes your every day enjoyable and your every dish extraordinary. So, now, how do we make sure your kitchen turns out to be a true dream kitchen? Following qualities will surely help you achieve it.

1. Ample Space
Food preparation, cooking and serving is no mean feat; it needs ample space for free and easy movement. How to amplify your storage without leaving a big hole to your pocket? Check if your kitchen is L-shaped, U-shaped or Parallel kitchen and then according to design storage around the shape. Therefore, having a kitchen which provides its dwellers ample space for free and easy movement without overcrowding is a necessity, aiding in truly great food and truly happy life.

2. Storage
A good kitchen should always have proper amount of storage, which properly supports all kinds of utensils, appliances and all other kinds of things normally used in the kitchen. Your kitchen should have well-organized and hassle- free drawers and cabinets; modular kitchens have been manna from heaven for everybody, which are good to look at and are ergonomic. Nowadays, it is a fashion to design cabinets that are sky high, which limit usability and then they become pain to use. When thinking about your dream kitchen, do not go for trendy and fancy, go for those things which truly inspires purpose and accessibility.

3. Easy To Clean And Hygienic
If your kitchen is not properly designed and thought out, your dream kitchen will easily turn from heaven of your home to dirtiest and messiest part of your home. An improperly designed and thought out kitchen will help accumulate grease, dirt, grime, water and more in places you can’t even imagine. Thus, it is imperative to design your kitchen in such a way that it doesn’t have hard and deep corners which cannot be easily cleaned; design your kitchen in such a way that it is easy to clean and helps up your kitchen’s hygiene quotient.

4. Proper Lighting
An effective and properly designed kitchen should have three types of lighting: basic lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Basic lighting helps properly illuminate the entire kitchen. Task lighting enables you to work efficiently and safely, where task lighting is strategically placed under counters, over the range and the kitchen pantry to maximize your workflow. And accent lighting are not just for show, they help to elevate your kitchen’s design features and boost its elegance when friends and family come to visit you.

5. Hassle-Free Maintenance
Maintenance is part and parcel of every kitchen. But this is not the point. The point is if this maintenance of your kitchen is hassle-free or troublesome? Every kitchen is the heart of every home and making the heart of the home the heart of all the troubles in road paved straight to hell. An effectively and properly designed kitchen will help you to have hassle-free maintenance of every corner of your kitchen. Thus, design your kitchen in such a way that it makes your daily maintenance a hassle-free maintenance.