How the Foam Cushioned to Make a Custom Foam?

September 03,2019
The foam is used for stalling goods or valuable products in the case of the creation of boxes in a transport case. The foam is the ideal material to create a custom package. We are talking here about very strong foams for space engineering, for example, or more basic to preserve the goods in transport cartons. Our design office designs custom prototypes in any type of foam. We will design solutions tailored to your needs.

The machining of cushioning foam, high-tech work
Creating specifically shaped foam blocks , such as a couture dress, is a high-precision job. Indeed foam, available in several densities, elasticity, color and texture is more and more used to pack high value products . The foam parts are used for transport packaging, of course, to prevent shocks, but also for presentation packaging. We can find them in the protection of high-tech products (medical, aeronautical, space, defense) or for luxury packaging.

Different machining techniques: milling
The machining of foam by milling, as for some steels, is one of the most accurate methods for cutting specific parts. It allows the manufacture of parts with thicknesses perfectly adapted to packaged or protected goods (like a ethafoam foam wellpackeurope(.)com/ethafoam-stratocell-white-planks-grey-foam-polyethylene-closed-cell-foam in a tool holder for the 5S for example). Not to mention that this type of product is also very popular in high-end aesthetic presentations.

The machining of foams by water jet
The projection of a jet of water at very high pressure to practice the machining allows us to cut with the punch. This technique allows us to machine foams of all shapes possible and imaginable numerically. Waterjet machining is useful for creating parts that are then joined together by welding or gluing. This solution allows for limited material loss and extreme accuracy.