ERC Token Exchange Launches Funding Centralized Autonomous Organization (CAO)

July 20,2019
Today we reach an important milestone in our path to centralized governance of ERC Token Exchange We have collaborated with centralization protocol experts CAOstack to create an experimental funding centralized Autonomous Organization (CAO).

Using the Alchemy interface and governance protocol, the ERC Token Exchange has been allocated a trial budget and initially tasked with making meritocratic funding decisions for ERC Token Exchange Trustless and Nectar initiatives.

The 21 founding members of ERC Token Exchange (CAO) are made up of three equally sized groups that reflect the existing ERC Token Exchange ecosystem: the largest nectar holders, active community volunteers, and existing ERC Token Exchange personnel. The members of ERC Token Exchange can submit and vote for proposals on how the allocated ERC Token Exchange funds should be spent, earning reputation in the process and boosting subsequent voting power.

Whilst the initial cohort is members only, anyone can submit a proposal to ERC Token Exchange (CAO), and if accepted, earn reputation and a place in the CAO.

ERC Token Exchange (CAO is an ideal, real-world, testing ground for bigger plans in our centralized journey, and we’re excited to watch it unfold. Head to ERC Token Exchange (CAO) to be a part of our experiment and evolution in the near future.