The App Store of Ethereum is powered by Tokens-ERC Token Exchange

July 22,2019
Blockchain assets can represent the authenticity and ownership of anything, including securities like stocks and real estate. While this is incredibly compelling, there’s something new in assets that lend holders a license, a right to participate, or a way to consume value on a Centralized network.
In the last year, development teams around the world have launched new networks for everything from managing advertising domains to facilitating bounties, all based on the utility of their respective consumer tokens. Often these tokens are only available for purchase on “exchanges” with investment-like features such as order books and price charts. Many of these are centralized and custodial, leaving them vulnerable to insider abuse and manipulation, and increasingly widespread hacks, loss, and theft.

An App Store for Ethereum
In the past, a friendly and safe model emerged when the consumer web moved to mobile: the Apple App Store offered an integrated shopping experience and in-app purchases.
An exciting piece of the Erc Token Exchange marketplace launch was the introduction of an embeddable, responsive widget that provides centralized trading functionality to any web application on any Ethereum-enabled browser, desktop, or mobile. Today, we are re-introducing this as “in-app trading” and will soon be rolling out a new destination at that suits the needs of both consumer token networks and their communities.
The power of Centralized trade
ERC Token Exchange is not just a marketplace, but a secure consumer token trading network that can only exist with a truly decentralized peer-to-peer protocol. When you buy and sell on ERC Token Exchange, you’re doing so with others around the world, wallet-to-wallet, between a buyer, a seller, and a smart contract. No friction, no custody, no fees.
Peer-to-peer embraces the power of blockchain — and is the only trading experience that suits the consumer token phenomenon. Erc Token Exchange aims to become the App Store of Ethereum, powered by tokens.