April 23,2020
During the days of the yore, kitchen was just a place to cook food. Cook the food, eat the food and go to your respective jobs. Fast forward to today: Today kitchen is no longer just a space for cooking. Today, kitchen has become the heart of the home, it has become a place where the family hangs out and have’s fun. When designing your kitchen for the first time, it gives you a big opportunity to design your kitchen specifically tailored to your tastes and needs.

Therefore, it is mandatory to do proper planning to make sure that your dream kitchen not only turns out to be beautiful, but also highly functional. Here are 5 things no one will tell you before designing your first kitchen.

1. Budget
You have zeroed on your favorite design. You have zeroed on your favorite color and materials. And you have even zeroed on the kind of appliances you want in your dream kitchen. But what about the budget? Didn’t think about it? When designing your dream kitchen for the first time, budget is the most important thing you should keep in your mind. It may seem a small thing, but when small things add up one by one, your budget magically spirals out of control. So, keeping a rock-solid grip and having a proper plan will make sure your dream kitchen turns out to be your dream kitchen and you will have peace of mind.

2. Quality
Quality, what is it? And how do you define quality? Quality can be defined as a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. So, when you are designing your first kitchen, distinctive quality of each and every material going into your first kitchen becomes very important. From materials, appliances, plumbing etc., every single item should be of best quality. Sure, quality products sometimes can become expensive, but these quality products will help you keep peaceful mind and happier life.

3. Design
Design has been an integral part of human civilization; Design is the first thing that catches your attention and gives an internal impetus for the customers to go ahead and buy it. Every single thing: from a simple spoon to luxurious products, every single item has to pass the test of design excellence. If it doesn’t pass, it will easily be rejected by not only by the customers, but also history, So, when going full steam ahead with your first kitchen, you should keep in your mind that design forms the backbone of your dream kitchen. Design should not only be good to look at, it should be functional and ergonomic too.

4. Layout
Layout is the most important part of every kitchen, where without it there will be no kitchen. A proper layout ensures there is ample room to cook, ample room to clean, ample room for storage, ample room to prepare food, and ample room for people to maneuver. Having a proper layout is to create a proper and nice flow, where every task and every job seamlessly flow into each other. There four main types of layout: L-shape, U-shape, Island and Parallel. Do a detailed study and then only opt for the perfect layout that perfectly suits for you and your needs.

5. Lighting & Appliances
A kitchen without proper lighting and proper appliances is no kitchen at all. Lighting and Appliances play a major role in every kitchen; it won’t be false if one makes a definitive statement that Lighting and Appliances are the heart and the soul of every kitchen. If your kitchen is not adequately lit or if your kitchen does not have the proper appliances, you will not like to spend a single second in it; instead of being a place of joy and happiness, it can easily turn out to be your worst nightmare. So while designing your first kitchen, do keep in mind to have proper lighting and proper appliances in your dream kitchen.
source: https://www.kitchendecor.in/5-things-no-one-will-tell-you-about-your-first-kitchen/