May 02,2020
Kitchen is the heart of the house and it is the most active spot of your household. Good health and physical well-being of all the family members is directly proportional to the clean and hygienic practices followed in the kitchen and clean and hygienic environment kept in the kitchen. If you want your home free of germs, diseases and foul smell, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is your paramount duty.

Here are 5 brutally honest pieces of advice to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

1. Clean Up After Every Meal
Preparing food and then eating that food always welcomes with it a host of messy challenges. One of the best ways to stay one step ahead of all these messy challenges is to always clean up after every meal. After each meal: clean the kitchen, transfer leftovers to airtight containers, wash and put away the dishes, clean spills, crumbs from every single corner and never forget to wash the sink. If you forget to do this for a single day, the sticky and slimy mess keeps piling on and on and there’s no stopping your kitchen turning into a garbage depot.

2. Clear Your Garbage Bin Regularly
It is said kitchen is the heart of the house. And it would not be false to say that the garbage bin is heart of the kitchen. Every single dirt, grime, spill overs, dirty crumbs, and whatnot is thrown into the bin, which in returns helps to keep the kitchen clean. Regular cleaning and up keeping of the garbage bin not only help the kitchen to look good and keep it clean and hygienic, but also helps in keeping family’s well-being. So, it is imperative to regularly to clear the garbage bin.

3. Using A Disinfectant Is A Must
Okay you have prepared a nice spread this evening and cleaned up the dishes, the dining table and the counter-top after successful completion of your amazing evening. But what about cleaning the kitchen floor, cabinets, refrigerator to get rid of harmful bacteria, germs, fungus and other threats? Kitchen floor is potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria and a good quality disinfectant helps to destroy harmful bacteria, germs and helps stop the growth of fungus. So, if want to keep your and your family’s health in tip-top condition, using a good quality disinfectant once a week to clean entire kitchen is a must.

4. Always Clean Your Hands
Kitchen is the place of your house where there is constant activity. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, someone or other is always doing something. Since your kitchen has the potential to become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, it is strongly recommended to wash your hands before and after you complete your task. Also, do not forget to to wash your hands before you cut your veggies and before you take your meals. Not cleaning hands can lead you short-term sickness or a long-term deadly disease as many diseases spread quickly if hands are not washed properly by good quality soap or a disinfectant.

5. Leftover Food
Indians are, generally, known to host big gatherings and functions, where hordes of family and friends gather and have jolly-good time. This phenomenon is not restricted to one part, but the entire country and there’s innate tendency to show-off and cook more than required. When more than required food is cooked, it naturally leads to lot of leftovers. To keep your kitchen clean and hygienic, you must properly store leftover food that is needed and donate or reuse remaining leftover to make compost – if you can concoct dishes from leftover food, then amazing! Conclusive studies on national and international level have confirmed that leftover food dramatically raises the risk of food poisoning. So, donate or reuse that leftover food as compost and help keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

Without kitchen, there is no house and without house, there is no family. Thus, kitchen forms not only the heart of your home, but also your family. So, keep these simple but brutally honest tips in your mind to keep your kitchen clean & hygienic and keep your family happy & healthy. Want to add your two cents to this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.
Source: https://www.kitchendecor.in/5-brutally-honest-pieces-of-advice-on-keeping-your-kitchen-clean-and-hygienic/