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    AddressBannerghatta Main Road, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore  - 560076Land Mark: Opposite Gopalan Innovation Mall
    Phone Number9880062192
    ServicesDriving Schools , Private Car Driving Classes, Doorstep Car Driving Classes, Car Driving Classes, Two Wheeler Driving Classes 

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      • Rated: 2.0
      • You will get the DL but they will loot you in the process. They we will keep asking for more money inbetween and also they dont respond properly to your questions. once advance is payed they will not bother to treat you properly. Finally you will get DL as they have connection with RTO.
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      • Rated: 1.0
      • I wanted to write this review a long back but I couldn't, because they were delaying to process my driving license.

        The head(Imraan syed) of New santro driving school contacted me, he told me that everything will be covered in 6000 bucks including two wheeler and four wheeler driving license and driving classes. And he told there would be 20 classes(10 pactical + 10 Simulator) and he'll take care of all government process of license work. I confirmed with him again and he told the same thing. And then collected 60% of that amount in advance saying that remaining amount I can pay later once I am done with my classes. He told he'll call me soon but he didn't. After trying a lot of times he picked my call and asked to reach the centre at 9. I went there on time, that day many other people were there with me who were waiting in a queue. After that when we all went to RTO office Santro driving school guy asked for extra charges to pay in RTO office. We had to pay because we were already trapped and didn't have any other option at that time. It took us half of day to complete the whole process. After I got my learning license I tried reaching him but he was not receiving my calls. Again, I had no option and I had to call him 10 times a day. After sometime I tried calling from different number and yes he received my call and said that he'll send a guy on sunday for classes. One guy came with the vehicle in which one mirror was broken. Again, I had no option but after the class I aksed syed to send that with different vehicle and then he sent one other guy with different vehicle( I forgot the name of that guy). That guy(so called driving teacher was the worst person I have ever met in my life, I don't how can a guy like him get the teaching job which needs a lot of patience. I can't even explain how difficult it was to attend those classes. He gave me around 2-3 classes after that he stopped coming because his master told him not to go till I pay the remaining amount and I had to pay the full amount in advance. After a lot of struggle I could manage to attend 6-7 classes (only practical no simulator classes). Now comes the final day when I was supposed to go for my driving test. That day I saw one note on my driving license form "pending amount: 1000". I was shocked to see that but when I tried interacting other people there, I got to know that he had done the same thing with many other people.

        Please don't go there. Thanks
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