Shakeels Salon

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    Address 18C ,SCF 43/5 Sector 18-D,Chandigarh Town,Chandigarh
    Phone Number0172-2705786
    Hair Care
    Hair spaHair Spa,Men / For Men,Women / For Women
    Hair stylingHair Gel,Men / For Men,Women / For Women,Hair Spray,Men / For Men,Women / For Women,Ironing,Men / For Men,Women / For Women,Roller Setting,Men / For Men,Women / For Women,Styling With Rod,Men / For Men,Women / For Women,Hair Mousse,Men / For Men,Women / For Women
    Head massageScalp Massage,Men / For Men,Women / For Women,Hot Oil Massage,Men / For Men,Women / For Women
    Massage Services
    MassageBody Massage,Legs Massage,Arms Massage,Back Massage,Neck And Shoulder Massage
    Body treatmentsBody Cleansing
    Other Services
    FacialsFace Massage,Basic Cleansing,Aloe Vera Cleansing,Shakeels Special Facial,Diamond Facial,Gold Facial,Platinum Facial,Silver Facial,Aroma Facial,Essential Facial,Fruit Facial,Aroma Cleansing,Diamond Cleansing,Anti Acne Cleansing
    BleachBleach,Unisex / Fruit,Unisex / Oxy,Unisex / Gold,Unisex / Diamond,Bleach,Unisex / Neck,Unisex / Hand,Unisex / Stomach,Unisex / Legs,Unisex / Full Body
    MakeupHair Do,Make Up,Unisex / Eye Make Up,Unisex / Simple Make Up,Unisex / Party Make Up,Unisex / Engagement Make Up,Unisex / Bridal Make Up,Unisex / Groom Make Up,Saree Drape
    ThreadingThreading,Unisex / Eye Brows,Unisex / Advanced Eye Brows,Unisex / Cheek,Unisex / Side Burns,Unisex / Upper Lip,Unisex / Forehead,Unisex / Chin,Unisex / Full Face
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