Top 8 Tattoo Studios in Bangalore, Best Tattoo Studios in Bangalore

    • People use tattoos to stress on their main identity and to remind themselves of who they are. This identity can be “I am dangerous”,” I am special”, “I am strong” or anything else that a person is proud of. There are various tattoo parlours in Bangalore from where you can get a design done permanently on your body. Choose a place that is hygienic, and where the designers are the ones making the tattoo – and not just letting their students loose. 

      Here is a list of the best tattoo parlours in Bangalore to assist you.

      1. Brahma Tattoo Studio:

      Brahma Tattoo Studio started in 2002 and was the first professional tattoo shop in Bengaluru. This is the first tattoo studio that was opened in Bangalore. The artists here are cool and talented. They will design any tattoo according to your description. They use the best pieces of equipment for their clients that range from disposable kits to all kinds of colour and their composition. 


      2. Xtreme Tattoo Studio:

      Xtreme tattoo studio has been specializing in a variety of tattoo styles that includes geometric, traditional, Japanese, realism, sacred art, portrait, and so on. Their trained professionals offer an endless array of designs. They also have an expert who can help you design a custom tattoo at no extra charge. Xtreme Tattoo Studio has proud loyal clients. Having got brilliant reviews on various online sites.


      3. Inkprik Tattoo Studio:

      InkPrik Tattoo Studio started in the year 2008 and as of today, it is a top player in the category tattoo artists in Bengaluru. Two tattoo artists, Sai and Murali give their clients some of the most astonishing designs for tattoos. The designer who opened this studio has trained under the international tattoo expert Lancelot Wilkie. So you can imagine the extent of his skill.


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      4. Dark Arts The Tattoo Studio:

      Dark Arts The Tattoo Studio was started in March 2003 by Pradeep Menon and Nagender Rao. Initially, this tattoo studio was only into Tribal and Celtic designs. But now, the Dark Arts team has a database of more than 1,00,000 designs of all styles. He gave up his job and started to professionally take up the work of inking. This is the best tattoo studio in Bangalore.


      5. Gold Touch Tattoo Studio:

      Gold Touch Tattoo Studio brings a fresh new concept to the traditional tattoo parlour. Gold Touch Tattoo Studio was established in 2004. The Primary artist Puneet is one of the best professional tattoo design makers in Bangalore. He always cautions people before getting inked of all the possible consequences of getting the tattoo and also tell them about the precautions you must take.


      6. Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio:

      The founder of Eternal expression tattoo studio Veer Hegde has been tattooing since 2008. With over 10 years of experience in the field of Tattooing, Best known for his portrait tattoos, Veer has also been practicing his wares on a number of celebrities. The Studio runs on Veer's philosophy of creating meaningful, beautiful and personal tattoos for each individual. They have many assistants also to help you get the design done properly.


      7. InkBlot Tattoo Studio:

      InkBlot tattoo studio brings a fresh new concept to the traditional tattoo studio. They offer several kinds of designs that you can choose from or you can also order custom made patterns. InkBlot artists specialize in Custom Designs, Neo-Traditional, Fineline, Dot-Work, White Ink Tattooing, Black & Grey, Japanese-Inspired, American Traditional, Geometric, Watercolor, Trash Polka, High Graphic, and Hand Poked Tattoos.


      8. Kraayonz Tattoo Studio:

      There is a very interesting story to how Sameer came up with the brand name of ‘KRAAYONZ’. This studio was started by Sameer Patange and his team in 2001. This studio maintains top-notch hygiene standards. The place provides the highest quality while keeping hygiene as one of the top priorities for their clients. Their clientele boasts of some of the biggest names in Bollywood, including Hritik Roshan and his wife Sussanne, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut, Virat Kohli, and many others.


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