Top 10 weekend habits of successful people


      1. Start building a habit
      Always been wanted to start something? Learn something new? This is the time, use this long weekend to start something. Some say it takes 21 days to make something a habit, why not start this weekend?

      2. Learn a new skill for your job
      Whether you are software engineer or an artist, if you want to advance in your career, the only way is to hone your skill sets.
      Go online, there are a plenty of resources available, start with fundamentals and achieve greater heights.

      3. Flex different skills
      Learning something which is not at all related to your job will extend your horizon. It might be a new language, a new subject or even gardening.
      Learn something which makes you to apply your brain.

      4. Make time for family and friends
      This is especially important for those who don’t spend much time with their loved ones during the week.

      5. Exercise
      Everyone needs to do it, and if you can’t work out 4 to 5 days during the workweek, you need to be active on weekends to make up for some of that time. It’s the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and create fresh ideas.

      6. Pursue a passion
      Successful people make time for what is important or fun, They make space for activities that add to their life balance.

      7. Disconnect
      The most successful people avoid e-mail/communication for a period of time. Not the whole weekend, but even just a walk without the phone can feel liberating. If you don’t have a specific religious obligation of no-work time, taking Saturday night to mid-day Sunday off is a nice, ecumenical time that works for many people.

      8. Plan
      Planning makes people more effective, and doing it before the week starts means you can hit Monday ready to go, and means you’ll give clear directions to the people who work for you, so they will be ready to go, too

      9. Write something
      There can't be any better way to clear your thoughts than to pen it down. Writing helps you to think beyond your capacity and thing wholly.
      If you cant write about what you do, its mostly likely that, you dont know clearly what you do.

      10. Read
      Here's a classic but essential vacation tip: Catch up on those books or articles you've been wanting to get to so badly. It's really hard to find time to read when you're busy with work, but now that you're on vacation, you can cuddle up with a blanket and a book.


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