This startup from Japan provides free beverages to students at Universities!


      Yes you heard it right!

      The Japanese startup ENRISSION Co., Ltd. which has its head office at Kyoto, Japan, Opened its first overseas Branch at IIT Hyderabad and then at IIT Bombay. 


      shirucafe the brand stores of the company provides students and faculty with beverages and snacks for free, everyday! 


      How does this work?

      shirucafe is run from the fees provided by the sponsors. The fees enable us to provide the students with beverages and snacks for free everyday. The sponsor tie-ups are long term, as they aim to provide opportunities not only to the students looking for a job, but also the newly joined students by giving them helpful options for the future.


      About the company:

      shirucafe, the brand from, ENRISSION Co., Ltd, Employees over 175 people across cities. It was established in  10th October, 2013. Yusuke Kakimoto, CEO of ENRISSION Co., Ltd believes that, "shirucafe provides relaxing ambience and hospitable services to students and faculty members for free. In addition, it educates students by helping them gather more choices for the future, due to easy access to company information"


      What do universities get?

      Complimentary Coffee, Tea and Juice: At shirucafe students and faculty members can enjoy the most delicious beverages for free. The Menu is to be designed for each country by giving special options, such as Cafe Latte, Green tea, Chai latte, Orange juice and Mango juice in case of India for example.


      Opportunity to Learn and Experience: Global companies and its product customer services and advertisements makes it possible for students to learn about the sponsor companies and Japanese culture easily and on a regular basis while enjoying the free drinks.


      And regarding the sponsors, they have different methods of reaching out to their prospective employees. Interaction on Digital Signage at shirucafe to their logo printed on the Takeaway Cups!


      Isn't that innovative? Leave your comment below.


      And bytheway shirucafe has about 200 companies as their sponsors already!


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