How to Overcome Depression in Business


      Depression is the inability to construct a future. Entrepreneurs are the ones who not only construct their future but also future for millions of others through their ideas. If you are an entrepreneur and going through a phase of depression then you are not alone in this battle. Studies have shown that even the most successful entrepreneurs have gone through this phase.


      You have to get out of this phase because when you are depressed, you cannot be productive. If you are not productive your business is going to go down which leads you further into depression. So here are few points to overcome depression – 


      Acknowledge the fact – As mentioned above, depression leads to business downfall which further leads you to depression and it becomes a never ending cycle. So you have to get out of it in the initial phase. The only way to do that is to accept the problem you have. If you are not living your normal life, it is time for a quick check on yourself. Easier said than done, finding that there is a problem with you is a tough task. If you are lucky enough you may get a trauma as a wakeup call.


      Look for the trouble points – Depression does not originate from nothing, there is always a trigger. You have to look out for those triggers. Your thoughts will get negative, for example, you will have a thought like – ‘I am a failure.’ You have to think positively when such thought comes to you. You have to talk to yourself loud and check if those thoughts are really true. In most of the cases, you may think they are true but a deeper look will give a different picture. Your company may have failed but you may be thinking that you can never succeed now, which is certainly false. Get rid of this thought as soon as you can.


      Take guidance but only you can help – The problem is most of the time people keep on looking for solution outside – reading all sort of self-help books, attending seminar and webinars on how to overcome depression. Since the problem is within, the solution can’t be found outside. People can guide you to overcome depression but then it is you who will have to overcome it. So it is best you sort things out yourself.


      A place of comfort – The biggest challenge for an entrepreneur going through a phase of depression is that they can’t accept it in public or in the professional circle as it could damage their business very badly. So more often than not it is a shame that don’t allow people to accept or acknowledge the fact. The only way to overcome is to eradicate shame. Once you a done with it, find a place where you can peacefully work with yourself. Sitting with a fellow entrepreneur who has been through this phase could get you out of the problem in a big way.


      Take only what is necessary – In difficult times it is very important that you have a filter to filter out unwanted information or news. For example, a success story or post on Facebook in normal scenario motivates you but if you are going through depression the same post may kill you for being a failure when others are celebrating their success. So it is advisable you look for information what is necessary and stop information which is not important or required.


       If you have seen or know some entrepreneur who has overcome depression and would like to share his/her story, do get in touch with us.


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