How to Deal With Bad online reviews about your company?


      Reviews are important for every company whether it is a digital marketing company, web designing company or any other company. Negative reviews of your business can be painful, both emotionally and financially. If we are going to talk about any business then we can say that reviews affect the business. Reviews can be positive or negative. Getting positive reviews from customers is good for our business.  However, a negative review reduces the ranking of your site in search engine results.
      Google chooses to display reviews right in the search engine results, are a contributing factor in local search engine optimisation, and can improve your website’s appearance in your appearance in the search results by adding those lovely little stars.

      How to deal with negative reviews

      There are many ways which will help the businesses in dealing with negative reviews:

      1. So You Got a Negative Review. Don’t Panic (or lash out)
      If there are negative reviews about your business then do not get panic. A bad review isn’t the end of the world—every company has gotten at least one. Some research has even indicated that bad reviews increase sales, and there’s the time-tested belief that no publicity is bad publicity. So take a deep breath, calm down, and proceed to step two.

      2. Respond promptly
      The online world operates 24/7 and people expect a quick response. The customer thought it was important enough to post a public review, so treat it as urgent. Respond quickly, show that you’re in tune with customer feedback and that you’re an active participant in your business.

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      3. Ask questions
      Asking questions helps eliminate the appearance of defensiveness and keeps us from immediately jumping in to justify our actions. If you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t get the right answers. A question asked in the right way often points to its own answer. Avoid using technical words while giving a response to your customer. Moreover, you should be honest when interacting with them.

      4. Learn From Negative Product & Business Reviews
      Is there anything you can learn about your products or service from the negative feedback?

      Stop bad business reviews at the source by addressing any core issues.

      This could be as simple as refining the content on your product pages or as drastic as discontinuing a product.

      5. Think of your future customers
      If a potential customer were to read that bad review, what concerns would they have? That their order will arrive late? That their food will be bad? That the products won’t work or the clothes won’t fit?

      Find a way to address these issues in your response and set potential customers’ worries at ease.




      6. Contact the customer offline
      To avoid an online exchange that everyone can see, you should always strive to leave a sincere, thought-out public comment and then take the discussion of the issue offline.

      7. Offer incentives to your customers
      In order to respond with your negative and bad reviews, you can offer incentives to your clients such as a coupon or promo code. Giving incentives to customers is the best way to attract them to post positive reviews.

      You can start to encourage unhappy customers to purchase from you again - even if they’ve left a negative review!

      It’s pretty simple to do, too. Just offer them some form of compensation, such as:

      Discounted shipping
      Free products or services
      Coupon codes
      Even a chance to speak to management about how to make the company better

      You just need to follow the steps in this guide to handle negative customer reviews successfully.


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