How to Choose the Right Car

    • "People want their cars to reflect their personality or project what they want people to think of them".  What kind of car you want to choose?


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      #1: Car Segments in India

      There are different parameters based on which the cars available in the Indian market are categorized.To avoid all the confusions the Indian passenger cars are popularly divided into the below mentioned segments considering the properties.


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       Start by considering a series of questions, but beware: Once you find the car that fulfils your every need, an emotional connection may well form whether you like it or not.


      #2:  Selecting right car with Budget consideration 

      After deciding on your price range you should outline what sort of car best meets your needs based on Flash & Style, Performance, Safe Cars, Price is No Object, Executive Class, Family Vehicles, Modest & Comfy, Budget

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      #3: Petrol, diesel or CNG?

      Common-rail technology has brought diesels to a level of performance and reliability that is at least equal to that of petrol cars. New age diesels are lightning fast, super efficient and offer better drivability than petrols, but there is a price premium to pay.




      #4:  Test Drive the Car Yourself

      Never buy a car based solely on someone else’s opinion, even if it is that of a world-renowned automotive expert.What is right for someone else may not be right for you; think about details like the comfort of the driving position and engine responsiveness. Even if you are not inclined toward other choices in the market, drive them anyway. Sometimes the best buys can be found in the least expected places.

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      #5: Second opinion (Friends or Family opinion)

      Check with friends about unbiased comments or opinions about that will help you in making the right decision.If you are not able talk to all your friends about the car, check which helps you finding friends review about the car.


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       #6: Exchange or Sell Your Car Privately

      ProsYou Only Deal With the Dealer, It’s Fast and Convenient & It Reduces the Price of Your New Car

      ConsYou May Get Less Money for Your Car & You Limit Where You Can Buy a Car


      revaalo exchange offer



      #7:  Buy insurance yourself

      Dealerships profit from fat commissions on every insurance policy sold. Don't buy insurance coverage from the showroom; instead, shop around and take quotes from 3 - 4 insurance companies / agents. 


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      #8: Everything in writing

      It’s common practice with car dealerships to promise the world (discounts, free accessories, etc.) but not deliver on closing day. Make certain that every commitment made by the dealer is written down and signed on their letter-head.


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      [Above mentioned views are solely author’s views, it doesn’t reflect revaalo views and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same]

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