Finally - Zomato is now a profitable company!

    • Yes you heard it right- "Zomato is now a profitable company!"


      Co-founder of Zomato, India's leading restaurant aggregator, Deepinder Goyal, posted a blog thanking all the stake holders. 


      Their biggest source of revenue - advertising business in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East is now crossed  their operational cost!


      Nevertheless, Zomato has been focusing on expansion by investing in acquiring newer geographies. Now the investments in older markets are becoming more meaningful.  


      Zomato founders had to face a lot Criticism on their journey. But, they seem to be always focused on what they were doing and they were always confident of becoming profitable. 


      kudos to Zomato and team, They are not just scanning menu's they are making money out of it, which is what a business is suppose to do. :) 


      link to blog here.

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