Do's and don't for claiming automotive insurance in Chennai flood.

    • #1:  Does  Car Insurance Policy Cover Flooding?

      The Standard Motor Package policy covers Loss or damage to your vehicle due to natural calamities such as fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, hurricane, storm, cyclone, hailstorm, inundation, and landslide.

       revaalo_Car Insurance Policy


      #2:  Don’t try to self repair the car

      No matter how expert you are, do not try to start/repair the car.This will ruin your chances when it comes to getting a handsome claim on your insurance policy.Many insurance companies might not cover this and you might find yourself in a tight spot.


      revaalo self repair in case of chennai fllod, strictly no


      #3:  First thing is call your dealer/insurance company

      Insurance company  will be able to tell you the exact procedure the respective service station. Insurance company will send their representative to assess the car. He/She will inspect the vehicle, analyse it and based on the observations prepare a report and inform you about what all will be covered. 


       revaalo insurance details




      Revaalo inurance steps



       #3: Will the insurance company pay the complete cost of repairs?

      Any claim will be subject to deduction of depreciation and deductible (excess) as per the policy. Reasonable labour charges as assessed will be paid in full and assessed replacement of parts will be subject to the depreciation as per the policy. Also depends upon the insurance policy you have taken.

      revaalo insurance details


      Cars around the chennai city has been damaged by the floods. There are less auto insurance surveyors in the city, comapred to the damaged cars. So, they will have huge backlog.


      A comprehensive auto insurance policy would replace or repair all the parts of a car, that were damaged due to the rains. But, it will not replace car accessories like seat covers, stereo systems and bumpers, unless these were insured separately.


      NOTE:- These above steps are general guidelines & insurance policy guidelines vary from companies to companies, so read your insurance document carefully before talking to insurance surveyor.



      [Above mentioned views are solely author’s views, it doesn’t reflect revaalo views and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same]

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