crazy lawsuit cases filed

    • 1 : Famous hot coffee lawsuit against McDonald’s
      In 1992 Stella Liebeck, 79-year-old woman cup of coffee from a drive through McDonalds and as she removed the lid spilled the entire cup of coffee on her lap. Hospitalized for eight days while she underwent skin grafting, followed by two years of medical treatment.
      She sued the fast food giant claiming, it was too hot and more likely to cause serious injury than coffee served at any other establishment.
      She won an astonishing $2.9 million


      #2 : Bubbles Aren't Always Fun

      Someone dumped detergent into Canal Park's Fountain, creating a mountain of bubbles. passerby Kathy Kelly walked into the suds and slipped into the fountain, sustaining a laceration to her left lower shin resulting in $43,000 of medical expenses.Kelly sued the city because it had not cleaned up the suds or posted warning signs, despite the fact that municipal workers had received a call concerning the hazard some four hours earlier.The fountain is now encircled by a railing.

      She won an  $125,000


      #3 : Trespass at the Owner's Risk

      Jeffrey Kline and Brett Birdwell illegally entered property owned by Amtrak and Norfolk Southern Corp. An uninsulated wire suspended jolted Klein with 12,500 volts of electricity, causing severe burns over 75 percent of his body and Birdwell 12 percent of his body. A jury said that - Amtrak and Norfolk Southern had not put post signs warning of the danger from the electrified wires that power locomotives.

      Teens received a combined $24.2 million.



      #4 : Beck’s: The German Beer that’s not German.

      Beck’s is a popular beer that originated in Germany in 1873. In 2012, that quintessential American brewmeister, Anheuser Busch (the makers of Budweiser, the King of Beers), bought Beck’s and decided to save a few bucks (well, $9 million bucks) and concoct Beck’s brewskis in St. Louis. One problem, however. They didn’t tell Beck’s fans that their German beer wasn’t technically German anymore. Nothing on the label indicated that Beck’s was now the best St. Louis, Missouri (not Bremen, Germany) could offer. Some lawyers smelled a payday and filed a class action suit against Anheuser Busch. Settled this year, Beck’s fans who have imbibed since 2012 can now claim up to $50 a person. The lawyers got a bit more than that…$3.5 million. We’re betting they are enjoying a nice cold one right about now.


      The lawyers got a bit more than that…$3.5 million and Beck’s fans who have imbibed since 2012 can now claim up to $50.




      #5 : A Tennessee man sued Apple for his porn addiction.

      One day, former attorney and amateur model Chris Sevier accidentally typed "F---book," instead of "Facebook" on his Apple device.

      Now, he's suing the tech giant for selling him a machine with unrestricted Internet access. Since Apple is "concerned with the welfare of our Nation's children, while furthering pro-American values" it should "sell all its devices in 'safe mode,' with software preset to filter out pornographic content," according to his suit.

      Sevier also claims that by giving access to porn at users' fingertips, Apple has harmed actual, brick and mortar adult stores, the Huffington Post reported.



      #6 : Cleanthi Peters sued Universal Studios for $15,000.

      She claimed to have suffered extreme fear, mental anguish, and emotional distress due to visiting Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights haunted house, which she said was too scary.



      There are between 760,000 and 1,100,000 lawyers practicing in the United States, or roughly one lawyer for every 300 people [source: Harvard]. 

      "With these kind of crazy lawsuits, USA need more and more lawyers to sue & defend the case"


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