25 things you should start doing in your career by the time you turn 25


      Here is the list of 25 things you should start doing in your career by the time you get to 25 years



      1. Build a great resume

      Make sure you have something interesting to tell when someone asks you about your career. Remember "Only way to do a great job is to love what you do" ;)


      2. Know your powers and weaknesses

      Build on your powers, work on your weaknesses. By 25 you must know what you can do and what needs help in doing

      3. Learn how to delegate

      You cannot do everything by your own. By now, you should start delegating things comfortably.

      4. Lear how to negotiate

      Whether you are talking to a client or your manager, learn to negotiate. Make sure it reaches a point where its a Win Win for both


      5. Plan everything!

      This is one of the most important things that you need to learn by the time you reach 25. Plan, plan even a smallest of things. Planning things makes you more effective.

      6. Learn to take feedback

      Feedback is the single most best way of improvising oneself. Not all feedback may be right, but most of them are. Work on one feedback at a time.


      7. Learn from others mistake

      You dont have time for doing all the mistakes by yourself and learning from them. Listen to seniors, their experience matters, analyse the situation and arrive at the solution.


      8. Have mentors/advisors

      Whether you are founder or an employee, seek for advise.
      Seeking advice helps you in travelling the path faster and most importantly will help you in selecting a right path.


      9. Have porfolio of your work

      whether its LinkedIn or Github profile or your own webpage. Make sure its upto date.


      10. Know how to send an awesome mail

      Be professional yet humorous. Put your point straight. Dont blame others, but hint for improvements. 


      11. Lear good body gesture

      By the time you turn 25, you would be meeting a lot of people/clients/associates. Make sure you communicate well.
      An effective body gesture is all you need to take people in to confidance.


      12.  Stop enjoying the last mile-stone

      When you have achieved something, celebrate it, but then forget it immediately. Get over it. You need to start working on the next mile stone. Keep doing. Keep pushing.


      13.  Learn how to file your own taxes

      Remember the good old days of asking people to help you with tax filing? Its High time that you do it by yourself.


      14.  Read books
      Read books that matters.

      15.  Learn to say NO

      Saying Yes may make you the most loved person. But thats not the right thing to do. Saying yes to all may lead to exhortation. Delegate, say no, to things that you cannot achieve.


      16. Fitness

      Though this is not directly related to career. But remember
      a sound mind in a sound body. So workout regularely. Keep your body fit.


      17.  Do something great in the project you are working on currently

      No point in blaming the manger or the higher-ups. Start doing something which can make the whole project exciting


      18. Take risk. Calculated one

      You need not become an entrepreneur. But make sure you satisfy your zeal to achieve something.
      Work on weekends, work for an NGO, work for a cause.


      19. Learn to question

      Learn to question things, dont accept things without understanding. Question things may lead to change of perspective in others.


      20. Sleep well

      Make sure you get enough sleep everyday. From 25 onwards is when you will start feeling the body problems. Stay healthy stay fit


      21. Know how to sell everything

      Know how to sell everything. Whether its your product or your work. Make a brilliate story sell it amazingly.


      22. Savings. 

      This is the time you start learning about savings. Savings for your retired life. Savings for emergencies. Savings for starting something of your own in the future. Start saving a bit every month.


      23. Invest. Invest on yourself

      The most important invest you can do is on to yourself. Invest on self. Spend time improving yourself. Invest on courses, classes, books, softwares. Learn things and keep improving. 


      24. Know how to manege stress

      This by far one of the main reason people fail. Stress had domino effect, stress leads to less output, which intern leads to more stress. Lear how to handle stress.


      And the last and the most important thing:


      25. Don't spend too much time on facebook groups. :)
      Yes its easy to get taken away from real life to virtual life.
      The posts that you get on these groups are about the people who stopped seeing these groups and are actually working on what they love.
      So stop spending time on groups and start working.


      Have a great career ahead!


      [Author: Author is a well know career consultant, based out of bangalore. You can reach out to her at : [email protected] ]


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